The New Working Class

The New Working Class: how to win hearts, minds and votes, is a book by Claire Ainsley. In it she argues that changes to British economy and society over the past thirty years have created a new working class, and that so far politics has failed to respond effectively.

Based on the opinions and voices of the new working class, the book proposes practical recommendations for political parties to reconnect with the electorate and regain trust.

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Reactions to the book

“Packed with hard analysis and fresh policy ideas, Claire Ainsley’s book is a rallying cry for the new working class. Politicians of all parties should wake up and listen.”

Frances O’Grady TUC General Secretary

“As we continue to feel our political and cultural ground shifting beneath us Claire Ainsley’s reframing of the debate is both illuminating and a stark warning.”

Actor, writer, director Michael Sheen

 “Claire Ainsley’s excellent book is a thorough and sympathetic analysis of the new working class that should serve as a bible for policy makers who believe that this important group should no longer go ignored.”

Deborah Mattinson, leading political pollster and co-founder, Britain Thinks

Claire Ainsley’s forensic and thoughtful analysis proves once and for all that class remains a powerful force in British politics. The party that stands up for this long-neglected group, and reflects their values, will win the next election.”

Will Tanner, former adviser to Theresa May and Director of Onward, a new Conservative think tank

“At its core, this story is about power” … In introducing the new marginalised working class, Claire Ainsley brings impressive clarity and policies to reconnect politicians and ordinary people.”

Guy Goodwin, Chief Executive, NatCen

“People on low incomes face so many daily struggles that politics can seem removed and even irrelevant. Claire has hit the nail on the head with this excellent piece of work. Let’s hope it encourages a wider debate on our struggling democratic system.”

Dann Kenningham, National Coordination, ATD Fourth World

“This rich and engaging book sets out an ambitious new political and policy agenda, which should be essential reading for anyone hoping to understand and address the working class alienation and disengagement that have disrupted British politics in recent years.” 

Professor Rob Ford, Professor of Political Science, University of Manchester

 “A powerful call to action for policy makers and political leaders to develop coherent and substantive policy programmes that can genuinely engage voters with the democratic system and safe guard it for the future….systematic and evidence based.”

Professor Rosie Campbell, Professor of Politics, Birkbeck College, University of London.